Offering fresh, locally roasted specialty grade coffees to our community; both retail and wholesale.
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Wholesale Inquiries

Wild Hawk Coffee Company is an Artisan Roasting Company, providing premium coffee within the greater Sacramento area. We want to help your business succeed. Call or contact us if you would like to sample our coffees, visit our roasting room and discuss opportunities for improving coffee and gaining the loyalty of your customers.  

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call:   916 207-4514 or 916 2014513

Frequently asked questions:

What makes your coffee different?
Our coffees are roasted using a European method that brings out natures hidden flavors like berries or apricot or fruit. Many of today's roasters are in a hurry and miss these hidden treasures. The method of roasting can take a good bean and make it spectacular or terrible. Just for fun we have taken the same type of beans and roasted one batch using our method and one batch using what we believe is a more common method of roasting. The length of time and the end temperature were the same. Only the roast profile was changed. One of the coffees had an aroma that was described as floral and spicy and the other batch was described as smelling like kitty litter. Honestly, these were the real descriptions. Can you imagine what the taste difference was? Which one would you want to drink?

Where do you get your "green" coffee? How do you choose what to buy?
We purchase almost all of our green coffee from Royal Coffee Importers in Oakland, California. They are, in our opinion, the most knowledgeable importers in the western USA. Royal Coffee brings coffee from all the best specialty grade coffee areas of the world, and their vision of fair trade and sustainability closely match our own. They are environmentally sensitive and work to educate their customers about how to lessen our impact on the world's ecosystem.

What is your most popular coffee? How can we try some?
As far as trying our most popular coffee; we would like you to visit us and try all of our coffees. Some you will like, some you will love.

"Branding" Do you offer assistance to companies with developing their identity in the market?
We have assisted a local coffee shop with their branding needs by creating a "signature blend" and a "holiday blend" for them as well as assisting them in technical aspects. We have also accompanied them at events where they have been serving coffee. We brought our smaller roaster and roasted coffee at the event, answered questions and helped generate interest in the coffee shop and their products.

What worker training is provided?
At this point we don't have any workers to train ourselves but would be happy to assist in training your baristas.

We want to use only organic coffee - can you do this?
We do our best to use Fair Trade and Organic Certified beans. The reality of these labels is they are more of a marketing tool that a genuine advantage to the farmer. Many of the specialty grade Arabica coffee farmers do not have the money to become certified as organic even though their farming practices are well within the "organic" guidelines. 

How are the roasting profiles kept? How do you ensure that the customer's coffee will always taste the same?
Our roasting profiles are kept initially with roast logs indicating bean temperature and fuel flow every 30 seconds during the roast. It is then transferred to a computer where it is graphed. Consistency is maintained with each roast being compared with the master roast profile every 30 seconds during the roast. Variances in green bean crops are addressed through multiple cuppings and profile adjustments if necessary.

Will there be a dedicated account rep to take care of us personally? Who would be the direct contact for any issues or order problems we may encounter?
My wife Jennifer and I will be looking after your account personally. Either of us can look after any problems you may encounter.

Are there roast dates on the bags sent to us? How soon after roasting do you send product?
All of our wholesale coffee has a clearly marked roast date written on the bag and we try to get it sent the same day as roasting. We admit it sometimes goes out the next day. We sometimes roast on Sunday. If you have a later date than your order date you would prefer to have it roasted, we can accommodate the request within 24 hours.

How are problems with orders handled?
Problems with orders are very simple to resolve. The customer is always right and we will do everything we can think of to make it better for you. You will always be talking directly with the owners of the company, not an employee who cannot make decisions.

Are appliances given to companies who exclusively use your coffee?
We do not offer any appliances or other gimmicks to entice someone to buy our coffee. I will pass on a story that one of the owners of a large wholesale roasting company shared with me. According to him, when he was asked this question he would offer to pay 50% of the cost of a certain well known brand of coffee machines. What the coffee shop owner did not know was the roaster got a 50% discount from the manufacturer so he simply passed on the actual cost of the equipment to the coffee shop owner. We don't play games. What you see is what you get and what I say I will do, I will do.

Do you have a recipe list or recommended espresso dosage for drinks? How about special or seasonal drink recipes?
We will provide suggestions on brewing methods of both drip and espresso if we are asked to do so. We are able to make custom or special blends for our customers to use as their "signature" coffee. Seasonal blends are also roasted.

We find that cafe owners and baristas have their own proprietary recipes and methods of making specialty coffee drinks. Wild Hawk Coffee does not want to risk breaching the trust the owner put in us as we are welcomed into their establishment, so we do not suggest changes to your menu.

What are the wholesale prices of the products? If we sign a 2 year agreement, can we get the price lowered?
Our wholesale purchasers get their coffee in larger (5 lb) bags "valved" for best storage and freshness. Our current pricing is extremely competitive with a very low cost/price margin. As coffee prices change and/or we receive discounts from our supplier, we will adjust our pricing strategy as well. Please call us for more information and a price quote for your business.

What is your goal in the green movement?
We feel it is the responsibility of every person and organization to leave as small a footprint on this earth as possible, be it carbon or otherwise. Utilizing the best technology possible while maintaining high standards for quality, we do our utmost to leave this planet in a better state than when we inherited it. We do not condone the destruction of rain forests or wild life as has been done in some areas to plant coffee and other crops. We do not and would not do business with an organization that does.