Offering fresh, locally roasted specialty grade coffees to our community; both retail and wholesale.
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Killian's Master Blend is hands down the best coffee my husband and I have ever had. It is strong, but not bitter, and even tastes a little sweet. Thank you so much for making our mornings wonderful! - Sheryl Raup

Today … this morning … after getting your coffee last night… we followed the instructions you sent and we were all blown away.

Never had coffee that good! Did not know coffee could be that good! - Eric Lowther

Your Sumatra Dark Roast is outstanding! The whole way home the intoxicating smell of the beans permeated our car and made our mouth water with anticipation. The minute we got home I made a pot and it was wonderful!

It is safe to say I have found my coffee; no other company can compare with your Sumatra Dark Roast. Thank you for introducing us to your wonderful coffee beans, you have a customer for life in my husband and I. - Maurizio and Majorie Rivera

Wild Hawk Coffee Roasters,
I just wanted to send a quick note about your coffee. My mornings now must start with a pot of your Sumatra dark roast, It makes an unbelievable cup of coffee!!

Your Wild Hawk Espresso Blend, in my opinion, is an absolute 10 out of 10. I no longer have to order a quad shot latte to get that good strong, aromatic espresso flavor that I enjoy.

Thank you for roasting "The Best Coffee Beans" I have ever tasted (and I have tried many!)

Thank You, - Jim Lightfoot - Sacramento California

Thank you for blending a coffee for us that is flavorful and not too strong. You have perfected a blend that meets both of our tasting needs. We totally appreciate all the time you took to make us very happy and satisfied WildHawk coffee drinkers. - Janeene Fisher

Your coffee is great !!!!!! the staff loves it as well. We already made 5 pots!!! Yesterday.
Thank you for roasting "The Best Coffee Beans" I have ever tasted (and I have tried many!)
Thanks so much.Mark Heller

Finally a GREAT tasting coffee without the bitterness. Thanks Wildhawk

Thank you Wildhawk for the awesome blend; excellent tasting coffee to wake up for!

Yirgacheffe is a must to try. What a fantastic coffee. Thank you Wild Hawk - Tony Gallas